Christ Church meets at 10:00 Sunday mornings in the library of Sterling High School, right across from the football field.

We talk a lot about the greatness of the gospel of Jesus’ cross and resurrection, the greatness of God, and how the Bible helps us see these both clearly.

We would love to have you and your family join us for worship this coming Sunday.


A word from our pastor:

Here’s what to expect at Christ Church:


What to wear

At Christ Church people wear a little bit of everything. We’re not concerned with outward appearances. We want you to wear whatever you’re comfortable in.



At Christ Church we love kids! We have a nursery for children under 3 as well as a teaching time for kids aged 4-8 during the message. Children are also welcome to sit with their parents through the whole service if it fits your family best.



At Christ Church we plan our music with two primary concerns. We choose songs that speak to the glory of God and the importance of the gospel. And we structure our singing time with the focus on congregational singing. At Christ Church you will hear a mix of contemporary and historic songs that help us acheive these two goals.

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At Christ Church we believe the Bible is revealed to us from God. Accordingly, the sermon time is teaching right from the Bible. We explain everything in a way that highlights the significance of what God is trying to tell us, in language that all can understand.

Christ Church meets in the library of Sterling High School
at 1608 Fourth Ave, Sterling, IL, at 10am